This has been explained in detail elsewhere on this site. Check the section on How it works or see our video. These explain how eTakeaway Max is different from these shared platforms.

We offer a range of payment options to our customers. These depend on your specific situation including cash position, number of sites required and the size of your operation. To give an indication you can get started with this system for as little as xxx per week or by purchasing the product outright by paying xxxxx initially.

In short, we price our product in such a way that your cash-flows are not strained and you make a healthy return on the money you invest in our system.

Most important of all, eTakeaway Max™ comes to you with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Regardless of which payment option you choose, if you are not happy with our system, tell us within 90 days of going live. We repay all your money and you owe us nothing.

Our advice would be against this. While most of your online sales will be commission-free once you implement eTakeaway Max™, there may be the odd sale or two that may still comes from the shared platform. As long as you don’t have to pay anything other than the applicable commissions, there is no harm in continuing with the shared platform(s).

This is a very important question. eTakeaway Max™ is a an end-to-end online marketing system. To draw the full benefits of this system, you need to consciously build your takeaway brand. This in turn will help you grow your customer base. Apart from serving top quality food, the following are the important components of online brand building:

Excellent service including prompt handling of orders and attending to customer complaints.
Smart social media presence.
Implementation of rewards points and coupons.
Email marketing
Together, these will help you add more and more customers and thus stay ahead of your competition. Additionally, improving your site’s visibility on search engines like Google will require the adoption of search engine optimisation techniques.

Absolutely. When you implement eTakeaway Max™, we also set up a mobile site with all features. This ensures that people who access your site from mobile devices can order their food hassle-free from you. We are also working on a mobile application that will soon be made available for all mobile operating systems.